READ ME: How to report a bug in Bardeen

:information_source: Where you can report any issues, bugs, or unexpected behavior you encounter while using Bardeen.

Before reporting a bug

  1. Make a quick search for your issue on the community.:mag_right:

  2. If you’re not certain if it’s a bug or not, try asking on :question:Help and questions first!

How to report an issue with Bardeen:

  1. Create a Bardeen Community Account. You can :bust_in_silhouette: log in with your Bardeen account.

  2. Head on to the ":lady_beetle: Report an issue" category.

Create a new topic and follow the Bug Reporting Template. This template will make it easier for you to report it.

  1. Don’t forget to Get Started on the community and learn about this space!

Remember: fixing the Bardeen issues is a team work. The more you can share, the better!

Our team and community members will collaborate to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Let’s work together to squash those bugs and create a smooth automation experience!:raised_hands: :party_blob:

This is the template you’ll find to :lady_beetle: Report an issue

Issue reporting template:

To solve your issue, we need your help providing us basic information to solve this issue.:pray:

Please take just 2 minutes⏳ to fill out the following template.

Let’s kill this bug together!:lady_beetle::hammer:

Use the template below, and delete whatever is unnecesary.

Delete everything up :wastebasket:

Description of the issue:

For example: I tried to run a Salesforce automation to create contacts from LinkedIn, but encountered an error. The automation was unsuccessful.

Error message (if aplicable):

Please paste the error message below:

  "clientErrorCode": "Salesforce get profile: UnexpectedErrorPayload (403)",
  "userHint": "A request to the service API failed. Please check the error details",
  "trackError": "default",
  "clientErrorHistory": [

How to get Bardeen error messages?

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Please provide a detailed account of the steps taken to encounter the issue. Where did you start? What actions did you perform? Where did you encounter the error?

Ex: I pinned this salesforce automation to my app, connected salesforce and then ran it over this linkedin profile. I received the error message and have been unable to resolve it.

Bardeen version: ____

:information_source: How to check the Bardeen version: right click on your Bardeen extension > Click on Manage Extension > Copy the extension version number.

Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

Ex: Create a Salesforce contact from a LinkedIn profile

:movie_camera:Video recording or screenshots (optional, but recommended):

(Upload your files here)

You can also embedd a loom video or gif.