Scraper Disappeared

Description of the issue:

After a couple of months of disuse (I am a paying customer), my scrapers disappeared. I have another account which is free one that used to test and that one still has the scrapers I was testing after the same amount of disuse. But the paying account has no scraper…

For example: I tried to run a Salesforce automation to create contacts from LinkedIn, but encountered an error. The automation was unsuccessful.

Error message (if aplicable):

Please paste the error message below:

No error message, I just simply can’t find any of my scrapers.

  "clientErrorCode": "Salesforce get profile: UnexpectedErrorPayload (403)",
  "userHint": "A request to the service API failed. Please check the error details",
  "trackError": "default",
  "clientErrorHistory": [
How to get Bardeen error messages?

Bardeen usually provides error messages. These help us solve the issue faster. You can check them by:

  1. Opening Bardeen extension
  2. On the right top corner, next to your profile image👤, you’ll find an icon for history: :file_cabinet:. Click it.
  3. Then check the Errors tab. Copy the relevant bug to your case
    (Ex: if you ran a salesforce automation, copy the salesforce issue).:point_down:

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Don’t use an account for a couple of months? not sure what you can do to recreate the issue. But if you could look at my account and find the scrapers in the archive somewhere, please let me know.

Ex: I pinned this salesforce automation to my app, connected salesforce and then ran it over this linkedin profile. I received the error message and have been unable to resolve it.

Bardeen version: ____

:information_source: How to check the Bardeen version: right click on your Bardeen extension > Click on Manage Extension > Copy the extension version number.


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Hi Byung,

Playbooks usually stay on the account and won’t disappear after disuse as we don’t archive or delete any playbooks.

If the playbooks are the same between the accounts, you could always use the Copy and share function to create a link to the playbook and then after you log into the paid account, you can click the link and click Pin It.

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It’s not the playbook that disappeared. I had three scrapers on MYOB but I’m only left with one, the other two simply disappeared and my playbook using the scrapers wouldn’t function without them.

Hi Byung,

Is the scraper template you lost used in a playbook in the other account ? You can then share the playbook over with the premium account, save the playbook, go into the edit mode of the the scraper (in the playbook editor, you’ll see a pen next to the scraper name, click that) and edit the fields or name of the scraper template. That will then save a copy of the scraper in your premium account and you can use it across other playbooks. I’ve attached a video below showing you how to do this

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Thanks for the explanation but I am a bit lost on the part where I have the scraper in one account and you asked to edit and save that, how does that appear in my other premium account? I guess my real question is if I could share my scraper with someone else by sending it to that person but I only know how to do that with a Playbook (sharing). Can you show me how to share my scrapers?

Hi Byung,

Bardeen only allows sharing of playbooks and not scrapers. But by sharing a playbook, the scrapers inside of it will be shared too as they will still be inside the playbook when you access it on a different account.

Now, if you want to use the scraper from a shared playbook in a totally new playbook, there is where you will need to do the steps above (editing the scraper name) so that a version of the scraper gets shared in the new account.

Hope that clarifies


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