Recursive scrapping of website with each post

I want to scrape a QandA website with a URL with a sequential number for each post.

How do get Bardeen to sequentially go through each number e.g.,, and then go to the next post question/10011, and pull the questions and answers from each page and put them into a spreadsheet

10010 question answer1, answer2, etc…

Thanks for your help

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Hi Nik,

I tested your logic of increasing the number on the URL but that doesn’t work. e.g Post 136627 exists but post 136628 doesn’t

Anyway, I think the best way to do this is in google sheets to create sequential links. I’ve created a playbook where you can then tell the playbook where to get these links from and it will then scrape the question and the answers from the link and then adds the results back to the google sheet (you can choose to put the results in a different tab). You can access the playbook here

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That sounds like a great solution. Let me test it!

Can you repost link? There does not appear to be a hyperlink.

Thanks. I am not familiar with how to use a playbook. Do you have a video to share? or instructions on how to use this playbook?

You can click on the link above, then click Pin It and the playbook will be saved in your version of Bardeen. By clicking on the playbook within Bardeen, you can then launch the playbook and it will ask you for inputs on which Google Sheet to get the links you want to scrape

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