Help with scraping, issue with Java :c

I´m kind of new, but i had done some big scraping with Bardeen before. This is the situation, before the page i need to scrap have a next page bottom, so all good. But now they took out that bottom, and the page buttons, arent links they appear as
“javascript:_doPostBack(‘ctl00$contentSgrdResultados’, 'Page$2”)"
So, when i try to use that for underground scrapping it doesn’t work, I tried using the Click function but i think i didn’t use it correct. Does anyone knows or can help me?
On the pick you can see how is the pagination, if anyone can help me or can contact me i will be extremely gratefull

Hi @22pamps

This case can be solved if there’s a link for each one of those pagination buttons, that way they can be scraped in the background.

Yet based on the picture, seems like they don’t lead to any url.

So the best option here is to run the list scraper page-per-page. So instead of adding pagination, you set it up to only scrape the page you’re in.

You’d need too run the scraper automation 4 times in this case, so wouldn’t take that long.

Also, Is this page public? Can you share the url? → This can help us check.

Finally, can you share the automation link you have until now?

As @ivan mentioned if you can share the URL so we could have a look if this is something that can be achieved with some workaround the fact the it uses JavaScript that will be great. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

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