Bardeen List Scraper - not paginating

I’m trying to scrape this website using the list scraper. The list is a table with 5 pages, and 50 records per page (except for the last page, so there are anywhere between 201-250 list items in total).

I’ve tried multiple ways of setting up the paginator with no luck. It’s a simple arrow button that does work, and I’ve tried mapping to the CSS selector of the button, but Bardeen continually only pulls in the results from the first page of the list.


Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @michaeln

Seems like a tricky case that requires refining the CSS selectors.

Also got the same behaviour

Which selector did you try?

Here’s topic on some workarround options to paginate without the next button:

Tagging @dan as well so he can give it a check

Re. selectors, I applied the element’s class - although I haven’t tried pasting the class of the SVG arrow icon, so maybe that could work? I have a feeling I’m using selectors incorrectly (I assumed ’ selector ’ = ’ CSS selector ’ ).

I’ll continue to dig around and will check out the linked post. Thanks @ivan!

That’s a good idea!

Yeah your case seems to possible by finding the accurate selectors.

We can also review your selectors if you share them :slight_smile:

So I looked into this a little deeper - I’m learning that after running the automation, it brings me to the final page(page 5) to scrape from which tells me that pagination might not be our issue here.

Noting the pagination does not create a new link for each page - the automation doesn’t scrape the data unless it is for the first page even when ran from the other pages as the active tab.

The website page contains all five tables of data per “page” in the following container per table:

#table > div.grid-wrapper > div

It’s really a container selector issue after researching further. However, I’m not sure it’s possible because I don’t think we can define the container selector specific enough for each table per page unfortunately. I’m not that advanced with selectors so maybe there is a way that I’m not ware of yet, but I hope this helps!

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