How to paginate in a page with no pagination button?

I am trying to make use of pagination for this particular website that has no NEXT option for me to use, how can i set it manually please? how can i set it to go to the following page itself until it scrapes everything. I have attached an image of what it looks like, thank you

Hi @sinfulworld21, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :grinning:

To set it manually, you need to provide Bardeen with the correct CSS Selector.

We can take a look for you if your provide the link to your website. Thank you!

this is the link and how long would that? thank you @Jess

Here’s the correct selector to use: (I’ve tested and it appears to be working as expected)

.pg-bul-active +a

Here’s how to update the Pagination CSS Selector inside your scraper template:

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, could you please ask again with more details?

I hope this helps!
Thank you!

than you so much @Jess , that worked like magic

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Hey @sinfulworld21 welcome to Bardeen!

What’s your name? Would be awesome to share your :raising_hand_man: Introduce Yourself

As Jess mentions, this is one of those cases where normal Bardeen pagination won’t get it, but with a bit of CSS can be solved.

@manvel tought us how to paginate pages with no next :next_track_button:
button, this recent masterclasss:

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