Pagination option not visible when creating Scraper template

I am creating a scraper template for scraping the Facebook Invoices page.
I am able to scrape everything as required.

Only problem is, I am not getting the Pagination option.

In the page, there is a ‘see more’ button towards the end of page and I want to use that for page scroll. But, I am not getting the Pagination option at all.

I have tried to scrape the page as a Table and manually as well.
Pagination option not visible in both options.

what am i missing here?

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Hi there,

The pagination option is only available when you scrape as a list, there’s no way to set pagination for a table or a single page scrapers. Please make sure to select a list only and in case you don’t see pagination after that, let us know.


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thank you for the quick reply…

issue resolved now