Pagination Button Not appearing


I’ve been trying to build my first scraper but when I get to the page I’m scraping to build the template there is no button to select pagination.


I own a Facebook Group. I get hundreds of requests to join a day.
I ask for email addresses to build my list.
The only way to extract email addresses from my participant requests is to manually copy and past. I would Like to automate this process. At the moment my scrape is only scraping 1 persons details.

Please assist.

Image added for context.

Hi Craig,

Thanks for using Bardeen. For this particular page, you woul need to select infinite scroll. Also from the screenshot, I see that you did not select the email. Here is a quick tutorial of how to fix both of those issues:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Lucy,

Thank you so much for your loom.

So the infinate scroll I’ve added but still only extracting 1 person.

Here is a video I recorded. Please help.
(20+) Yoga Teachers | Facebook - Google Chrome - 2 May 2024 (

Hi Craig,

I recorded a custom tutrial walking you through the process from the beginning just in case maybe you might have missed a step or selected the wrong structure for the template.

Here is the playbook.

Can you let me know if it doesn’t work for you?


Customer Support -
Explore | @bardeenai | Bardeen Community

Thanks Lucy. After 10 pm here in South Africa. I will give it a bash in the morning and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again. I appreciate it.

Craig Hoggins | Managing Director

t 021 910 4437 ** **c 084 608 3289 w s choggins

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