Infinite Scroll not working

Trying to scrape the URLs of all listings from this page but only getting 20 results back. It was working yesterday. Got 560 URLs back.

This website is free to use.
Is anyone able to confirm if this is a known bug or successfully scrape the listings?

This guy had the same problem on LinkedIN and his question was never actually answered - he was directed to use the pre-built scraper.

Hi @snq1776, could you please confirm you’re using a delay in the scrape action and the scraper template?

This should help resolve the infinite scrolling scrape.

Please share your automation with us as well for further troubleshooting if the issue persists.
Thank you,

@Jess thanks for your reply and help. I tried 3, 10, and 30 second delays and they did not help.

Could you please confirm you have set a delay inside of your scraper template?

Yes I tried delays in both the scraper and the playbook. Also tried scraping the active tab vs scraping in the background.

Thank you, could you please share your automation?

Hi @snq1776, a couple of things that might help below:

  1. You’ve identified both number of items to extract and number of pages, however, Bardeen doesn’t work when both are provided:
  • Only identify number of pages to extract when there is a click pagination on the page, not infinite scroll.
  1. I do not have an Acquire account so I cannot see the layout of the page you are looking to scrape, but by the “/all-listing” I am guessing it may be an infinite scroll. You could try adding a delay to your scraper template as well.

I hope this helps!
Thank you,

HNY! I tried all those things. It’s still maxing out at 54 results.


It is likely that the container of the scraper template is off then. This could be because the websites HTML code was changed. Could you please try recreating the scraper template?

Once again, it’s hard to troubleshoot as I can’t see the page without a login. I hope this does the trick for you!

Hi Lee,

I’ve responded to this query via email to you. It looks like you’ve run into a bug with our background scraping but this scrape seems to work fine in the active tab. The team are looking into it and we’ll get back to you real soon !

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