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Hello! I am trying to scrape a lead list from a paid site I’m a member of (crexi) and it lists out each individual lead in an organized box so it’s easy to copy those. Yet, there’s some additional info on that person when you click the lead itself. However, it doesn’t bring me to another page like a detailed person page of linked in or provide a URL to copy to deep scrape. Instead it pops up on a side bar and the URL does not change up top. Is there a way to do the following: after highlighting the list of people you want to copy to quickly “click” each person so the side bar pops up and then scrape that section as well, exit out of the side bar pop up and then do the same for each person?

Hi, seems like you want to scrape data from a side pop-up?

Do you have any image or url where we can check the example?

These cases are tricky, since the url doesn’t change, so they can’t be scraped in the background.

So you’d basically Bardeen to click on each item of the list and then scrape data from each popup, right?

We don’t have any features on this, but you can propose this idea so we can discuss it at :bulb:Share an idea