Scraping job posts

Looking to scrape job posting infromation from various websites like Indeed, linkedin jobs etc…

The issues I am encountering:

1- When I turn on bardeen, a ton of pages start to open and close and I have no clue how to stop it, I woud need to shut my browser down to make it stop.

2- The data is not being imported. I tried to connect it to my google sheets and Notion. Both are not receiving any data and I have no clue as to why.

3- The scraper flow I built is this: Scrape a list of job links, second step is opening up those links and scraping in the background, third step is migrating that data into google sheets or Notion ( at this point I’m willing to take anything lol)

PS: My objective is to create an automated scraper that constantly pulls data once a day.

Hey @Xavier you need to share the book so we can have a look at what is causing the issue.
What you need is definitely possible you will need one auto book for each site as they would require different scraper templates.

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