Srapper HTML formating & scrapping list items from a popup group

How do i get the text data I need formatted similarly to the source format? Also am trying to extract list data from a popup that’s triggered by a button and my results aren’t parsing the data. Please help with any suggestions you have if you have an idea of what to do

Hi @tatso96 - I’m unsure of exactly what you are asking here, but have you tried to use the “Get current page as HTML”. It sounds like that may address your initial question. If not, could you please elaborate more from what you are trying to accomplish, provide a loom video, provide the URL, etc.

As for extracting list data from a popup that’s triggered by a button, could you also provide the URL you are trying to extract list data from? Thank you.

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Hi Jess thanks for your response. Am trying to extract linkedin job skills list which is triggered by a button. I have tried scrapping this by adding a separate action in the builder which adds a list. The click action is triggered by the preceding action (click) event

Thanks @tatso96 - could you provide an example link? and Also share your Bardeen play/autobook?

I’m not sure what you mean by this last sentence:

“The click action is triggered by the preceding action (click) event”

Also am not sure how to use the Get page as HTML are there any tutorials for this. thanks

@tatso96 Quite simple to use the “Get page as HTML” action:
Get Page as HTML

Initial look at your playbook seems very odd to have 4 “Scrape data in the background” actions alone… but I’m not sure I understand your end goal so if you could please elaborate that would be great. Again, I’ll also ask for the URL you are trying to scrape from as well. Thank you!

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Thats the other question am asking myself. the third action is a click action to open the popup to get the list in the 4th action.
Can i combine my scraper actions with the get page as HTML action

Okay so it looks like you’d like to first scrape LinkedIn from this search results.

Then you are looking to scrape somewhere in the link a popup? Could you show me how to get to the popup? I also need to know like what data points you are trying to scrape. I think you’ve made the playbook way more complex than it needs to be so I’d rather have you tell me what it is step by step you are trying to actually get for your final results. Thank you!

am on a paid linkedin account. Its the show skills button

Okay I don’t have the premium LinkedIn account.
Could you please send a video on your full screen of the webpage to show how to get there and actually click it?

the first 2 steps/actions use the job search and job details templates bardeen has provided. then to get the extra information am using the click item to open the popup in the third step. and in the 4th step of the playbook am extracting the list. the video below shows you how to get to the popup.

Thank you for the video - but I couldn’t see the URL address. When you select the “Show Skills” button, does the URL change?

If it does, I would create your own scraper template to grab the link from the “Show Skills” button to allow you to then scrape the list from those URLs instead. You should only need two “Scrape Data in the Background” actions.

The url does not change from the current page’s. The reason i went for more than 2 actions is that I seem to only use one list or a single item in each action. The skills data is linked to a specific job which is a single item in this case

Then unfortunately I don’t believe this use case is possible at the moment.

Tagging @ivan for confirmation.

I believe the only way this would be possible is manually run a playbook for each link after selecting the “Show Skills” button, which I’m sure is not ideal.

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thanks for your help

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