Activate scraper directly via shortcut

Hey guys,

I’m trying to build something very basic. I want to get the current tab’s URL and want to add it to Airtable. I managed to build the logic, but I always need to open Bardeen first via Option + B and then click on the playbook.

Is there any way I can just set up a keyboard shortcut to run a specific scraper?

Thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey Tim

Same hack as I shared here

Cool clipper automation you have there!

PS: why do you need a scraper for this?

You can use the “Get tabs” action to get data from the tab, including:

  • Name
  • Url
  • Favicon

Then if you want to grab custom data from the page, then that’s different

Yes, I want to get custom data from a page.

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@tim2 your case seems to be of a webclipper.

It is pretty simple to build, but it’s not obvious that you need to use the “get tab” to get data from a page.

This workflow should do the trick:

:gift: Airtable Webclipping automation template


This is top of the iceberg of what can be done.

See this automation built for a VC to get a bunch of data AND a report just from a website url.

:video_camera: My 1-click company research generator

PS: There’s a lot of other cool stuff you can include in this webcliper too, like answering data from the website or getting a summary of the site.

If you’re looking into these types of automations, let’s grab a chat, my agency might be able to help.