Scrapping from linkedin profiles to airtable

Hello, I am scrapping info from linkedin profiles to airtable, but on some profiles the extensions works fine, but sometimes, after I press the extensions, it opens a new blank tab so the scraping doesnt work. Anyone has a clue why this happens with only some linkedin profiles?

Hey Lucas

Can you share more details about this?

Any screenshots or loom can help us assess this issue.

I’ve tested LinkedIn scraping recently and haven’t ran into this.

You mean when you open Bardeen?

Here’s my guess of what might be happening.

  1. You click on Bardeen
  2. It takes you to the Bardeen extension page
  3. You run scraper automation and it fails (because you’re on the wrong page)

If this is the case, you need to go back to the linkedin page, then click on Bardeen and run the automation.

You can restart Bardeen this way:

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