"Copy LinkedIn profile to Google Sheets, when I right-click" bug

Description of the issue:

I ran succesfully the “Copy LinkedIn profile to Google Sheets, when I right-click” autobook for one Linkedin profile.

It filled the column titles succesfully from A to P.

However , it only returned 2 columns with the Linkedin profile information (A and C).

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Hey Alois,

We’re facing an issue with background scraping on Linkedin profiles at the moment that we are rolling out a fix for. We don’t have this issue for scraping in the active tab though. I would recommend that since you are already on the linkedin profile when you are triggering the autobook, you could change the background scraping action in the playbook to an active tab scraping action (you can use the same scraper template even in the active tab scraping action) and that should pull all the results.

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