Adding text to Google Sheets or Airtable when right-clicking a selection

Hi guys,

I’m new to Bardeen, trying to copy text to Google Sheets/Airtable. But even the autobook doesn’t work for me for Airtable. Could I get some help on setting up this automation?

Can you tell us more about what you are trying to achieve?
Where is the text coming from?
Are you scraping a website?
What is not working?
Can you share the book you are using?


The text is from any generic website. When I try to copy the text from the website into Google Sheets or Airtable, nothing is copied.

This is the book I’m using: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

Would be ideal also if I could define which column to put the text too

It worked for me. However you are using the wrong action.

I have removed the Get selected text on current page and changed Add text to google sheet (this is used for CSV format), instead added Add rows to Google Sheet Tab

Change that last action to your sheet and tab, the available columns will appear.
In the column you want the text to go select the Trigger actions and use the Selection

Hey Deyan,

Thanks for your help on this. Still did not work for me though. I think I did everything as you said, here is the playbook as it is:

In addition, is it possible to have this so that when you right-click, you are asked which column you want the selection to go in?

Could you please record a video of what you are doing and what is happening? Is there any errors?

No, any variables need to be set prior to running an Autobook.

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