Move Saved LinkedIn Posts to Google Sheets

It’s a nightmare navigating saved LinkedIn Posts, so I’m trying to create an easy way to export all the posts I’ve saved into a Google Sheet so they can be better categorized and more accessible. Ideally, I’d like to copy and paste the link to a post in my Google Sheet and once a week have Bardeen update the necessary columns with who posted, the content of the post, etc. I’m having a hard time figuring this out and would greatly appreciate any help you’re able to provide.
Thank you.

@Deyan_Petrov it looks like @ivan is out sick (feel better). Is this something you or someone on the team could potentially help with? I’d really like to see if there’s a solution before I become a paying customer.

Hi! I’m also interested in learning whether this is supported.

Noticed there’s a preset playbook for saving a set # of posts in one’s feed, yet the template doesn’t seem to fit in the saved posts list view.

Unfortunately, it seems that the default templates are hidden/locked for users to duplicate & edit/adapt.

Appreciate the prompt support.

I was not getting notifications properly and I have missed this. I will have a look and get back to you in a bit.

Edit 05/08/23 17:53

OK I would like to clarify that I understand what you want to do.

Instead of saving LinkedIn posts you want to add links to Google Sheet.
Than the content of those posts will be scraped once per week.

Now the questions is do you want to update the posts that were already scraped or do you want to scrape only pots without information?

I am also guessing you would want to export the posts that you have already saved?

Edit 05/08/23 18:17

Here are the links to the books
Scrape the saved Posts from LinkedIn and add them to Google Sheets
Scraped the LinkedIn posts weekly from Google Sheet and update the Google Sheet

With this book you can manually activate it, to scrape LinkedIn posts from Google sheet. This is the one I used in the video

If you have not yet got Bardeen I would appreciate if you use my referral link (:

Question for @ivan , If a book runs weekly but at the set time and date the browser is not opened will the automation be queue and execute one the browser opens?

Thanks much for the video walkthrough, @Deyan_Petrov. It makes sense.

In my case, I’m trying to scrape out in one shot a set number of saved posts (say 500 items). In the resulting GSheets tab I’d like to see, not only the post link, but the following fields:

  • post author name
  • post author URL
  • post date
  • post body text preview
  • post URL

I’m relatively new to Bardeen, so not sure if I’m doing something wrong here while creating my own template… Would it be possible for me to see how you designed your own scraper template for this example?

For some reason, when I run my playbook using my own template, I don’t seem to be able to make my playbook to grab the data I instructed it to extract.

Thanks again for your support.

PS) It’d be nice for the users to be able to see from the inside Bardeen’s default template as part of its user onboarding track.

This is pretty awesome man! Feel free to share it on :star_struck: Showcase with the refferal link as well :star_struck:

And guys, remember to support @Deyan_Petrov’s efforts by buying him a coffee :coffee:

It doesn’t, unfortunately. It’ll skip it.

@matthias this will be improved with cloud supported automations, right?

Small improvement you can do to shared automations: use “ask me every time”.


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