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I’m new to Bardeen. I’d appreciate any help with two autobooks I’m trying to build to capture content from LinkedIn creators:

Autobook 1: LinkedIn Creators Scrape
Anytime a new post is shared from a Creator I follow, scrape the Post Body, Links, Images link and PDF link (or file) and insert the data into Google Sheets…and if possible, Images and PDF’s into Google Drive

Autobook 2: Scrape Manually Saved Posts

I send myself links of posts to my Telegram Saved Messages channel. I want to extract the text and URL’s contained in Chats I’ve sent myself in the past, and anyfuture chats that contain a URL.

I appreciate very much any guidance or Contact from Bardeen Support to help me with these.

Eddie T.

Hi, love the use-case.

I’m building a LinkedIn hub with these use-cases for linkedin engagement, let’s chat!

Short answer is yes, it’s tricky because you need to save the creator’s profiles first, and then run recurring automations that track their profiles for new posts.

This can get basic info from their posts, but PDF’s are not possible to extract.

On the second use case, we don’t have an existing scraper for saved posts, so you’d have to build your own scraper to get this data.

Beginners Tutorial.

Use that scraper to extract and monitor saved posts, and send them via Telegram messages to yourself.

Have you tried building the scrapers for LinkedIn saved posts?

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