Scrape people who commented and liked a LinkedIn post

Hey guys, I have people responding to a LinkedIn Post. Id now like to scrape the names from everyone who commented and liked the post, and add them to my Notion CRM Database. Been clicking through bardeen the past hour and haven’t really figured it out. Any help?

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Hi Thomas

Love the use-case! It’s a very underrated use of Bardeen for scraping LinkedIn comments and posts. These lists are full of prospects and users who relate to a post topic.

I had created a LinkedIn comments scraper recently, which you can access from this automation:

This use-case is possible.

  1. Pin the automation: Shared Playbook | Bardeen
  2. Setup your Notion database so it maps the fields. Tutorial.
  3. Run it over a LinkedIn post like this one:
    Jérémy Grandillon on LinkedIn: #audience | 37 comments

For the linkedin likes, I challenge you to try to buidl it yourself with Bardeen’s scraper. It’s the same logic. :smiley: This tutorial will help.

Hi Ivan, unfortunately I get an error message. Unfortunately, I cant add the screenshots here?

I only need the fields of the names of the person, the linkedin profile, and add me as an owner.
I even tried it without the owner, maybe Bardeen can’t process that? But that also didnt work.

Ideally I can also access the persons email address and phone number, if existent?

Help please! :slight_smile:

And how can I send you the screenshots? I get an error message when I want to add them, saying as a new user I cant add them.

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Hi @thomas, I have reopened the thread so we can find a solution for you.

Here is a video that Thomas shared in the post he was creating.

After watching the video and testing the book that Ivan has created I can confirm that the book works on some posts but seems on the post that Thomas is trying to scrape it does not. My guess is that the list selectors of the scraper is failing for some reason.

I am currently creating a template so I can see why this is happening.

So I have found the issue.
I’ve created a scraper on a post that had images and the list selector is DIV:nth-of-type(6) > DIV:last-of-type > DIV:last-of-type > DIV:first-of-type > ARTICLE
When I created the scraper on the post that @thomas is trying to scrape it is DIV:nth-of-type(5) > DIV:last-of-type > DIV:last-of-type > DIV:first-of-type > ARTICLE
One is looking for a DIV in position 6 the other is in 5.

I have fixed the selector here is the book
The book only scrapes the Name and Profile URL
Also @thomas FYI to edit a book click on the 3 dots for the menu and select Open in Builder