I don't know what has gone wrong with Data Scraper and Google sheet functions in Bardeen

Okay so here is my sheet using data scraper template (Linkedin Profiles) on Bardeen. At first the option for "Update Google Sheet Tab Rows disappeared from Google Sheet Options resulting in data not getting uploaded on subsequent rows then suddenly the scraper stopped scraping data from from headlines of linkedin profiles which was extremely important part of data. Please help with this I loved it so much how well it worked it hurts to see it go haywire , I was so much looking forward to buy after trial period but now I’m really not sure :frowning:

Hi @huzaifadigital00, I’m sorry to hear you’re running into some issues here.

In order for us to better troubleshoot this for you, could you please share the automation with us?

Thank you,

Hi @huzaifadigital00 happy to help fix this for you!

I’ve noticed the headline issue too.

I’ll show you here how you can modify the bardeen scraper to change the headline selector.

How to modify a Bardeen scraper

With our team (@danmelk ) we’ll check in on this.

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