Assertion failed error message, when I try to scrape data and save to google sheets

Description of the issue:

I tried to run a scrape and paste to Google Sheets automation to create to save a proposal from Upwork but encountered an error. The automation was unsuccessful.

Error message (if applicable):

Please paste the error message below:
“description”: “Expected an instance of Rh, got an instance of $d”,
“expected”: “Rh”,
“received”: “$d”

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Open Upwrok sent proposals page.
  2. Call extension to scrape data.
  3. Select automation to run.

Ex: I tried to run automation, but it failed. Also, I tried to run it on another device, and it works fine there.

Bardeen version: 2.46.0
Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):
:movie_camera:Video recording or screenshots (optional, but recommended):


Really sorry about this issue. We introduced it in 2.46.0 and promptly fixed it in the next release :slight_smile: . Please go to chrome://extensions and upgrade Bardeen to the latest version. Here is how:

2024-04-04 10.53.12