How to avoid bardeen to open after launching automation manually

Hello Bardeeners,

how do I avoid Bardeen from opening after I launch an automation manually?

Currently scraping LinkedIn profiles. I want the system to launch the automation but not open a Bardeeen window. is that possible?

Hey Stef

Cool to see you here, great content on LN!

A cool way to accomplish what you want - and with a better experience - is to add the “When I right click on a website” trigger.

That’ll allow you to add a Bardeen button on the right click menu options, that you can trigger anywhere on the web (including LinkedIn pages).

To make it even more powerful, you can make it so it runs when you right click on a LinkedIn profile link → then scrape that link in the background.

That way you can go arround your linkedin saving profiles in a breeze.

I’ve done it a bunch of times. Are you looking into these types of automations?

What else do you want to automate?


Hey @ivan ,
Could it be that that only works with autobooks and not with playbooks?

I’ve built this, but it doesn’t appear on right clicks.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong, any idea?

Hey Ivan,

thanks so much for the heads up.

I am automating a bunch of scraping and lead gen activities at the moment.

What do you think is the risk of running operations in the background vs running them on the page?

You cannot really scale the latter, correct?

@ivan quick follow-uo

Hey @stef @tim2

Happy to help, this is what I mean.

I’ve created this template you can try.

:gift: Right Click LinkedIn Lead Gen Scraping Automation Template

For lead gen right click automations help source data with a human in a loop.

If what you’re trying to do is operations to scrape lists leads, redact messages, log them into your crm, etc… these can be done as well, but not though right click or though active data scraping. These can be achieved with background scraping.

There’s incredible potential on human-in-the loop automations as well. Here’s

:video_camera: Here’s an example of a 4-in-1 lead gen automation I build

I’m helping lead gen experts automate their workflows - would be cool to have a chat.

I can offer you a free strategy session and we can explore how my agency can help.

PS: Sorry about the delay - find me active on LinkedIn.