Scraping a pop up with no url

Not really a pop up but a page in Clientfinda with more Biz info that doesn’t have a specific url. When I’m trying to make a scrape template it leads to before page of lists & not the pop up. Any way of how to scrape this?

You need to go to the URL and create the scraper template there.

  1. Use a click action to get the popup
  2. Add a delay to allow the popup to load
  3. Select all fiends that you require

I didn’t get that. So add a delay before. What’s a click action? Completely a beginner.

I will create a video for you later or tomorrow. But I cannot use the same website as it is behind a pay wall from I can see. But should help you achieve what you need.

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Does that pop up require to click somewhere to open?
Can you show us the flow maybe? Or share the url of that page?

If it requires a click, it’s more tricky, but you can use the “click” action on the scraper to open the pop up and then get the fields needed

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Sorry my light went out like all day. But yes it’s a click to open.
Vid 2

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Thanks a lot brother this really helps. Trying to add the delay but the cursor isn’t showing up to write it. Is it needed? Why is it used?

Delay is required as actions are instant you need to allow for the popup to open and load.

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