Scraping Job Posts and using IF conditional statements

I have built a web scraper for linkedin job posts. I am trying to not scrape based on certain criteria. However it will either scrape all data regardless if the condition is true and i set it to “run yes if atleast one condition is true” or i get a error if i set it to “run yes if ALL condition are true” could use some help because i dont want to waste credits on scraping stuff that doesnt match the conditions set.

Hi Nate

Welcome to the community! Hope you can share an intro and get started.

On your issue, we could use more details on the automation use-case and the link. Otherwise it’s very hard to understand what’s not working here.

For the linkedin job post scraper, I recommend you to leverage our existing scraper.

If you want to make a conditional, can you try something like this? Let us know any updates :smiley:

Yes sorry, i will try that. From my understanding the linkedin scraper bardeen had didnt have as much info as i would have liked. Here is some more pictures with the setup.

What fields are you looking for? We can evaluate updating it.

cc: @danmelk

Yet consider you can also make your own scraper with the custom fields you need. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the screenshots! Did it work for you?

Yes the scraper i made is perfect i just want to get the conditional fields working. I tried working with the conditionals for a long time and it wasn’t working.

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Seems like an issue! If you have any way for us to reproduce your issue, you can explain it on :lady_beetle: Report an issue
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