Something is not working, I'm trying basic pre-built scrapers and I'm getting one record?

I’m trying basic scrapes but it is not working.
Created a list of Directors of Talent Acquisition in LinkedIn for WA state.

roughly 278

Ran the scraper that I thought would work, I got 1 record/profile back.

I think I’m missing something critical. I have tried others and I think I am doing something fundamentally wrong, even through I think I am following the process as outline.

I would like to create a Google Sheet of target Directors I may reach out to network with for job opportunities, and later just as great contacts in the community. I then would like to enhance that worksheet with more information such as their email address that I get from Anymail Finder or similar.


Well after a few more tries I got it to work. But imperfect, it gathered the information but I missed company name. I still need help.

Hi Sarrah,

Could you please share a link to the playbook template that you are using so we can take a look ?

It might be the case that company name isn’t being pulled by the scraper.

If you’re scraping a long list of results, I would also recommend using a custom delay of about 3 seconds in the scraper actions

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