Wasted points + scraping bugs

I use the scaper template (Linkedin scraper by Bardeen). I used it before and everything was fine, but lately it isn’t working correctly. On November 1 I started the automation for 200 points, they were taken from my account, but the google sheet that should have had results was empty, even though I had a notification that everything was ready. The same happened yesterday (Nov 14) and today - I need to scrape 200 lines, but it only gives me a small % ready, and the rest is empty. What should I do so that it works correctly? Can you give me back the points that were wasted?

Hey @info7 ,

We’re in contact through our support channel but sharing my response here in case it helps other community members:

We typically suggest adding a 3 - 5s custom delay in the background scraping module to allow time for the page to load before the scraping begins, I noticed you have no custom delay set.

I also see that the Update Google Sheet action doesn’t map any of the data from the background scraper to the sheet (which would explain why nothing is being updated in your Google Sheet) but that might just be because I don’t have access to the sheet you are using

Hey @vin_bardeen having the exact same issue who can we escalate these issues to?