Scraper Errors on LinkedIn Search to Google Sheets


I am trying to scrape my connections into a Google Sheet. I have about 1,330 connections and I am extracting the name from my connections list on LinkedIn to a tab on Google Sheets. The scrape runs but when it gets to 50% or about 550 total records, I get an error message attached stating, “Failed to update Google sheet. Failed to update the range ‘LinkedIn Connections!A1’ of the given Google sheet.” What would be causing this error, not allowing the scrape to finish with all records?

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HI John

Hey John! Welcome to the Bardeen community! We’re glad to have you here. To help you with the issue you’re facing, could you please share the LinkedIn query you’re using for scraping, as well as the automation you’re using? This will allow us to try and reproduce the error you mentioned.

I’m not sure if it’s a scraper issue, since the error mentions GSheet.

Can you check if you have any errors and share them as well?
Share the error

It’s possible that Bardeen is running into timeout issues when scraping such a large number of items. One option is to scrape in smaller chunks, like scraping 300 connections at a time, and then continuing from where it left off. This might help avoid the error and ensure all your records are scraped successfully. Let us know if you need any further assistance!

This does sounds more like a Spreadsheet integration, not scraper, but yeah would be great to have reproduction. In place.

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