Flag which linkedin profiles in sheet I have mutual connections with

I have a g-sheet automation I’m trying to build that’s giving me some different issues when i tried to build it myself, would appriciate any insight into doing this. It seems fairly simple and def doable, i’m having trouble tho.

To break it down:
I have rows of contacts in G-sheet with name, linkedin profile etc plus an empty column “MUTUAL CONNECTIONS”.
I’d like to scrape this list and flag (either w/ mutual connection link or just a checkbox) which of them I have mutual connections with on linkedin.

Has anyone already made a playbook for this?

Hi @kevin, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

This could be accomplished by a deep scraper I believe and then add a conditional statement if the scrape returns links for the mutual connections(is not empty), simply enter “yes” in the empty column of the GSheet called “MUTUAL CONNECTIONS”.

I hope this helps!
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I also believe this should work!

Let us know any updates @kevin :smiley:

Giving it a shot today!
Another q- in my initial test I got the linkedin warning for scraping- what’s the best rec to avoid this?

@kevin To avoid this, we don’t recommend scaping large lists in short amounts of time.

You can modify your playbooks/autobooks to add delays when every page is opened, to minimize this from happening.

More on this in our FAQs

Also if you plan to do it many times, creating an alternative linkedin profile can also be an alternative workarround :bulb:

not really because need to see my mutuals :frowning:
Dont need to scrape super fast tho fine for it to run in background etc.
Issue im having is when using “get column” then “get links” it doesnt seem to go 1 by 1, it scrapes them all, then adds to g sheet

  • Try removing those actions and using the “Get Table from GSheets” Action instead.

okay so the actual action seems to be working fine in this playbook: Shared Playbook Template
It checks the linkedin urls and if theres mutual connection pastes that url.

The biggest issue now is that it’s processing them ALL then adding all links at once- so obv if i tried to use on any decent sized list i’d get flagged by linkedin. Really need to figure out how to get it to process one row at a time, adding the mutual url if there is one, then pausing before moving to next

Hi @kevin ,

Let’s continue the conversation on the new topic you’ve raised :smile:.

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