LinkedIn mutual connections playbook only scrapes the first few results

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I’m new here, so I’m sorry if I my posts are not up to standards yet!

I am trying out the template playbook that scrapes the mutual connections you have with a person on LinkedIn. I tried it a couple of times, but it keeps returning 2-5 results, while both profiles had more than 30 mutuals.


I set the number of desired scraped connections to 10, 30, and empty, but no result.

What is going wrong?

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Hi @info5

That sounds like an issue on the automation!

Just to be sure
You ran this from the linkedin connection?

And this is the automation link you reffer to?

I just tried it for google sheets and also got less results than expected (20/63)


I have the guess the issue is on the scraper model.

We’ll check this automation!

In the meantime, consider you can use the “linkedin search” scraper template to run over a connection list, ex:


Sorry for the late response!

Yes that’s the automation I was using. I tried multiple profiles to see of the problem persisted and it did.

I’ll try your suggestion.

Any update on fixing the scraper?

@dan recently tried this and seems to be working okay!

Give it a try, let us know if it works :slight_smile:

Hey @info5 , can you please try this Playbook out?
It will not get any data to AirTable, but rather it can help us to verify that model now is fine. Please ensure it returns all results.
Please run it on LinkedIn profile page with mutual connections, and reply if it returned all expected people.
Link:Shared Playbook Template

Basically the problem I supposed was in the Playbook delay action - it simply missed a delay after pagination, so Bardeen wasnt catching up everything.

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