Error while using Bardeen LI scrape of people - Your last command returned no results

I am trying to scrape Li network connections. The builder was working perfectly fine but it now shows “last command return no results” every time i try to run it. I also tried rebuilding the entire flow but it’sstill not working.

Hi Pragati,

Thanks for reaching out. I checked your account and it looks like you are not running the playbook from the Linkedin page that you would like to scrape.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @pragatipriya010

A quick tip there is you can actually export your contacts from LinkedIn, no need to scrape them.

It’ll get you fields like

  • Name
  • Profile URL
  • Position
  • Public email

For many other fields you’ll need to enrich the profiles.

Seeing as you’re interested om contact management automations, I think you might find this resource valuable:

AI assistant for contact management (get it for free :gift:)

I’ve built on this space servicing B2B companies, recruiters and VCs, and offer complete contact & follower enrichment to get all profile and company data, along with custom qualification of your profiles. More info here.

Let me know if this is interesting!

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