Get rows one by one and linkedin mutal connections from google sheet

Have a g-sheet has rows of names + linkedin profile urls
For each row, the playbook should check their profile to see if I have mutual connections with them and if so mark “YES” in a cell on that row, then do random pause before moving to next row.

I want to process 1 at a time with random delay between each row.

How to?


Hi @kevin ,

We don’t have an option for a random delay but you can add a custom delay between scrapes of different profiles. This tells the scraper to wait a certain amount of time before scraping and opening the next page.

Another option is for you to limit the number of rows you scrape each time. You can do this with the “Get slice of array” action to get the specific links from the link column. However, you’d need to specify the slice from start to end.

Ex: getting the first row to the 15th row.

How to get a slice of rows from google sheets