Repetition of Profiles and Comments ingoogle Sheet

i have an workflow with 1- getting list of links on a google sheet
2-scraping profiles
3-pesonalized comment using open ai
4- pasting the comments on another google sheet
**the problem is the sheet where the comments should be pasted in is repeating the list meaning i have a name of profile column and comment column the names are reapeated many times and the comments also repeated but in order {the same comment is repeated 5 to 10 times in the rows} .
what is the problem

Hi @braamody212, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

In order for us to assist you, we’ll need more information. It’s always best to provide as much detail in your questions to help us better troubleshoot.

Could you please provide the website(s) you are trying to scrape from, the google sheet with edit rights, and the Bardeen automation?

Thank you,

can i give you the link of my workflow ?

Yes per the above. Please provide the websites and the Google Sheet with edit rights as well.

Okay this use case is hard to follow.

Could you please share the other Google Sheet titled “Real estate map scraped” as well?

Also, I believe we need to update your last action to use the “Update Google Sheet rows” instead of the “Add rows to Google Sheet” in order to tell Bardeen where to place each new personalized comment at the moment.

Okay We’re going to have to fix this in parts - as an initial update could you please update the following?

  1. Delete the “Get a column from a table” action
  2. In the “Scrape data in the background” action, replace the input in the “Links to pages to be scraped” field with

Could you please provide a screenshot of your scraper template? I am unable to edit as it’s custom user generated.

Please provide me with edit rights to both Google Sheets as well.

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