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I thought there was a post about this. I can’t find it. So here it goes:

Google Sheet has a few columns. One of them is called Search. It’s a URL (it’s already populated). There is another column that’s called Website (I want Bardeen to populate this)

. I want my playbook to Open a link from the URL column, use the scraper to grab the link of the first listing. And then paste that in the field called Website.

As it is now, I am getting the website from the last link in the list, pasted in every row. Instead of it pasting the scraped website from the search url.

It’s like I not telling Bardeen how to match correctly.


Hi @koch.bradleyj , would you mind sharing your automation and publicly sharing with edit rights your GSheet?

I’ll take a look to see what’s happening for you. As a friendly reminder going forward, it’s always best to provide the automation link in the community to help troubleshoot.

Thank you,

Thank you!

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@koch.bradleyj :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Sorry Jess.

Thank you @koch.bradleyj!

Am I understanding correctly?

You want Bardeen to scrape the URLs that are already populated in the “Search” Column and then have it scrape Google for the URL of first search result and then have it populate that in the corresponding row for the “Website” Column.


I’ve already scraped to get the list of URL’s. I want bardeen to use a scraper and open each link, copy a link from the page, update the row with the new URL.

okay yep, gotcha.

I think the issue is in your scraper template. Which link are you trying to copy from the Google Search? Just the first result, right?

yes. Just the first one. I also tried grabbing the link from the card that shows when you search. Ultimately what I am trying to do is to get a company’s website address.