Search terms from a Google Sheet in multiple websites and scrape


I have a list of keywords that I would like to search within 3 different websites, and scrape a particular value from each of those search results. Is this possible?

I alternatively thought of

  1. Doing a Google search: keyword site:websiteA
  2. Ask it to click the first link that appears.
  3. Scrape the term from there

Alternatively we could be

  1. doing the Google search
  2. Saving the first link that appears in a spreadsheet
  3. Separately open those links from spreadsheet
  4. Scrape for that term from those links

But is this even possible?

Thank You

Hi Michael,

Welcome to the community.

Most of the options you mention sound like they are possible with Bardeen.

We have a guide here on how to use the dynamic input feature in Bardeen where you can input keywords into forms:

If you would instead like to search on Google, assuming the keywords are in a Google Sheet, you could use the following actions:

  1. Get table from google sheet
  2. Convert text to URL encoded string (to change your keyword to a URL friendly format)
  3. Merge text to merge the results of Action 2 with the google search URL :
  4. Scrape in background using our pre-built Google Search results scraper and set a limit for 1 result so it picks the first result
  5. Scrape the result from Action 3 in the background.

With regards to step 4, the type of scraper you have in there will depend on what you’re trying to scrape from those sites. I didn’t fully understand that part from your message

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