MUCH AWAITED! Scraper dynamic input filling demo

It’s here :face_holding_back_tears:

This has been one of the most requested features we’ve had on the scraper.

@gcampax has prepared a demo for it!

Please share your feedback and thoughts! :pray:

Dynamic form filling:

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Very nice work here! :zoom:

@gcampax, @ivan - What version of Bardeen will this be included in?

I’m on 2.31.0 and don’t see this option yet.

It is part of 2.32, which was released yesterday.

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Thank you @gcampax, but I’m still not seeing it available on the scraper after updating:

Hi Jess!
In the final version that we released, unlike the video, we consolidated the two input options in one, so if you select “Input” in that screen you’ll be adding a dynamic input field to your scraper.

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Thank you!

I can’t seem to get it to work for this form for any of the dropdown menu questions though: 2022 Burns App Contest

As some feedback for dropdown fields, it would be ideal to allow the user to select from all of the dropdown options/values when using “ask me every time” for the dynamic input. Otherwise the user will have to already know them ahead of time, which is very unlikely.

Intresting point on dropdowns!

Bardeen wouldn’t be able to handle dropdown inputs for now.

Only text inputs.

@gcampax’s video above shows Bardeen handling dropdown inputs at :


Seems like it’s possible to dynamically handle dropdown inputs by treating them as regular inputs.

  1. Select the dropdown as an input
  2. Input the dynamic exact value

The scraper will paste the value on the dropdown - so it doesn’t really need to open it and select an option.

(It’s a bit of a hacky thing, we need to make it more intuitive)

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Right, just as the video shows. But with a simple google form I’m having issues.