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Hello community™!
I do some volunteer work for university students managing the logistics of their online debating tournaments.
I’d like to automate these task, so far I’ve been trying to automate them using fiver and RPA and I haven’t managed to find somebody that can do what I’d like.
So I decided to do it myself.
I’m looking to automate the tasks of scraping a website and pasting the data in an spreadsheet and vice versa.

Any idea where I should start learning?

Hi @23fpmoreno - Good news, you’re in the right place to automate the tasks of scraping a website and pasting the data in a Google Sheet. However, Bardeen doesn’t currently support dynamic entry (inputting different data into a text field) inside of a website (Scraper Template) at this time so pasting data from a spreadsheet into a website is not feasible.

To start learning more on how to scrap data from a website, I’d recommend the following video:

:magic_wand: If it’s just one website you are looking to scrape date from into a Gsheet, Here’s the actions in your Bardeen Playbook that I would use:

  1. Scrape Data in the Background
  2. Add Rows to Google Sheet

If you have any further questions, please let us know :slight_smile:

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