Scraping according to search

Can we automatically input value into web page search and scrape?

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If i understand your request correctly, you would like to input the search term when running the playbook and then scrape the results. That is indeed possible

Here is a playbook that I used our Magic Box to create. This playbook asks you for a search term to run a Google search, and then scrapes the results.

Hi @vin_bardeen

Need to input list of values into a particular web page and scrap the result.
For Example:
By providing list of category and sub-category into a web page search engine. According to this parameters which i fill in the web page, it gives some result. Then scrap the result. Here, the category and sub-category are high numbers. How to automate this.

Thanks in Advance

It’s sounds like what you’re trying to do is possible with Bardeen. If you have a large number of search terms, you can list them out in a google sheet and then have the ouput of the search results go back into the same (or a different) google sheet. In order for me to help you get started, could you please share the following:

  1. Any playbooks related to this use case that you have already built or attempted to build
  2. The website you would like to search
  3. A few samples of the search terms you would like to use so I can see what the search results look like

I’m assuming the web page search engine is publicly accessible and doesn’t require a login.

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