Automate Columns B/C/D/E in Google Sheet to a Google Search

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A first step of my automation is to automate the address in my Google Sheet which is in columns A,B,C,D and making the address into a Google Search and adding the search results to a link at the end of that row…

I hope that makes sense, it makes sense in my he’d anyway :rofl:

I have a Google Sheet which populates companies formed in the UK that day, it runs every hour
In column B is the business name
In column C is the door no./street
In column D is the Town/City
In column E is the PostCode

Currently I have to highlight columns B-E then >
Copy cells >
Open a new browser >
Paste in Google the copied cells (business name/address) >
Look at results

Is there an automation that when my sheet is updated I can run an automation that adds the search results for business name/address (columns B-E) at the end of the row for each?

I have around 500 results a day so I believe this would save a fair amount of time…

Hopefully that makes sense


Hi @ben,

  1. To create your address into a URL that searches google, please refer to the below:
    This video at 23:37 will help show you how to build the URL inside of Google Sheets using some formulas =Encode and =Concatenate.

Stop Copy-Pasting Already! How to Automate DATA ENTRY (Tutorial) - YouTube

  1. For updating your Google Sheet per applicable row, please refer to the Update Google Sheets action. Here’s a nice guide:
    How to use Update Google Sheet rows

I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any troubles you may have after looking at the above. It would be super helpful if you shared your GSheet publicly with full rights for further troubleshooting. Thank you!

Hello Jess

Cheers for the reply, I’ve watched the video a few times to be fair, thanks for sharing

So do I use the scraper to scrape Columns B-E on my sheet here: ExampleBardeen - Google Sheets

Once scraped I’m struggling how to get it to open a browser and Google the pasted columns?


Cheers my friend!

Since Columns B-E already exist on your sheet, you wouldn’t need to use Bardeen’s scraper to scrape them onto your sheet. Instead, you need to use two formulas together to create the Google search URL I mentioned above inside of Google sheets - the video shows you exactly how to do this starting at timestamp 23:37.

Your specific formula for this GSheet to concatenate columns B-E would be:


Your specific formula for this GSheet to Encode the concatenated column as a URL:


Your specific formula to create the final link to search google would be:


I did the first row for you in Columns AF, AG, and AH. Just copy them down and that will give you all of the links to scrape from within Bardeen.

If you share your automation, I could review your steps and see if there are any updates to be made. Thank you!

I hope this helps!

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