Adding rows to Google Sheets


Can someone please help me. Im trying to scrape a list for URL, load the URLS from a Google Sheet tab, and if the former URL is not already in the Google Sheet tab, add it as a row to the Google Sheet tab.

Simple, right? I tried a thousand variations, but just can seem to get it to work. :woozy_face: I would be so grateful if someone could please have a look.

Thank you for helping out.

Hi Bob,

That’s indeed an interesting and useful use case. Here’s the setup you’d need:

  1. Scraper as action 1
  2. Get table from google sheets
  3. Get column with links from that table
  4. Merge text of all links
  5. A condition checking if merged text contains a scraped link

Here’s a playbook I created for testing in case you’ll be interested in inspecting the setup (please note that I was scraping LinkedIn posts and comparing the Author values):

Let me know how it goes for you!


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Hi @victoria_bardeen ,

This is so helpful, i would have never worked this out on my own. Im nearly there but not quite yet.

For every link that is already on my Google Sheets (and thus the conditional statement should be no), the automation is adding an empty row.

My steps are:

  1. get table for sheets
  2. get column
  3. merge text
  4. scape list items
  5. conditional statement
    IF YES:
  6. Scrape URL from step 4
  7. Add scraped URLs from 6 to Google sheets.

Any ideas what is going on? :pray: