How do I scrape data and save to a specific row in Google Sheets

How do I add something I scraped off a page to like a 6th row in google sheet or something? I’m scraping the info but it’s going to the end of the sheet.

Hi @Rye

Seems what you’re describing is you want to update a specific row with scraped data.

In this case, you can use the “Update Google Sheet rows” action.

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@ivan Thats what I’m using it’s going in the right column but at the bottom in a new row. Not the row where I want it. What I’m doing wrong?

Can you share more details on which website you’re scraping (maybe an example url) and the automation link? Or a screenshot of your automation.

That way we can check what can be wrong?

@ivan I’m scraping Facebook data(specifically if they’re running ads) to sheets.

I have a list of people with name, websites & all that info already. So I’m finding there Facebook individually
to scrape that data to sheets.

After updating google sheet to rows & start the workflow it comes here.

And not row 3 where I want it. Is that how it is, I scrape then move it or I’m doing something wrong?

Hi @Rye sorry about the delay.

We still need the automation link to check if there’s any issues with your automation.

We need to see how you’ve setup thw “update google sheet rows” action, specifically. A screenshot and sharing the automation link will be very helpful. Also the spreasdheet if possible.

The workflow you describe is possible. I’m unsure why the data would be added into that row.

Also tagging @bagrat to check this case.