Updating Google Sheet Rows Using Deep Scraper

Hi, I’m trying to update rows in a google sheet using a deep scraper.

I have one list scraper setup to scrape a list of leads and retrieve the profile links and names of leads on an active tab, I have a second single page scraper setup to visit the profile links from step one, and grab the instagram link from the leads profile in the background on next step. Following the YouTube video posted about doing this.

With those two pieces of information I want it to update two rows of a google sheet I made by exporting the exact same list as a CSV, i just want to update it with the profile and instagram links.

My problem I think is with the pagination. When i run the automation it only ever populates the first 10 rows and the last 10. I can see the scraper scrolling straight to the bottom of the page and passing all the rows in between. I tried infinty scroll first and wasn’t getting the whole list. I then tried to scroll to the bottom myself, load all the items and scroll back up in order to select no pagination after, but i still wasn’t able to get the whole list.

Im trying to scrape this website: https://app.chartmetric.com

Here is the link to the automation: Shared Playbook Template

I just purchased 1000 credits to run this automation. I’d appreciate a quick response thanks alot.

Hi there,

In order to check we’ll need access the https://app.chartmetric.com/, it is asking for a login. If it is not possible for you to share the access, I’ll be happy to connect with you in a call for a quick screenshare session.

In general, your problem seems to be related to a delay in loading. Please try adding a delay for the background scraping too and also make sure to set “Run in incognito” to No since its a login protected resource.

Please let us know how it goes.


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