How to use Update Google Sheet rows

First, let’s start with clarifying the difference between “Update Google Sheet rows” and “Update Google Sheet tab rows”

Update Google Sheet rows - This action will update rows in a Google Sheet without requiring you to select a specific tab. It will always target the sheet tab that is in the first position. If you move the sheet tab away from that position, you may encounter an error when running your automation. This option is ideal for single-tab sheets or when you want the output to go to a single location.

Update Google Sheet tab rows - This action allows you to select a specific tab name, so you don’t have to worry about potential errors caused by tab reordering. It gives you more control over which tab the rows should be updated in.

Now, let’s consider the following scenario: We have a Google Sheets document named “Update Sheet Example” with only one tab called “Sheet1”.

Here’s a visual representation:

Our goal is to scrape the Title of videos and update the corresponding URLs in our Google Sheet.

To achieve this, we have set up the first two actions: “Get Table” and “Scrape in the background”.

For this example, we will use the “Update Google Sheet rows” action since we only have one tab.

Here’s an explanation of the input fields:

  1. In Google Sheet - Select the sheet where the data needs to be updated. In this case, it is “Update Sheet Example”.
  2. Search rows by column - Select the column name that contains the unique values to match against. You can choose from the available column names at the bottom of the list or type the name as it appears in Google Sheets. In this case, we select “URL”.
  3. Find rows by value - Specify the value to search for within the selected column.
    This is where it can get a bit tricky. We want to match the actual values from the column that was selected in the previous step against some values. To do this, we will use the output of our first action, “Get Table from Google Sheet”, and select the “URL” column.
  4. Update rows with data - Select the data from the scraper to update the sheet. In this case, we want to update the sheet with the scraped “Title” data.

Here’s a visual representation of how the completed actions should look:

After we run the automation we get this

If you have any further questions regarding this action or if you have questions regarding something else feel free to reach me.


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Thanks for sharing this documentation on how to use the “Update Google Sheet rows” action.

It’s really helpful to understand the difference between updating rows in a specific tab versus updating rows in the first position.

The visual aids and step-by-step explanation makes it easy easy to follow along.

I appreciate the effort you put into creating this resource.

If anyone has additional questions on this action, please share away!

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