LinkedIn Profile Scraper not working

Hey guys,

I tried some of the LinkedIn profile scrapers and they all seems to only scrape a few of the datapoints they are supposed to scrape. I tried the “Enrich linkedin profile links” both in Airtable and Gsheet and it only scraped two of the data points.

I double checked that all connections are set up correctly, rewatched the tutorial… But it’s not working.
How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Tim,

Welcome to the community :grin:

Sorry you’re having trouble with your scraping. Could you please share the playbook you’re using and we can help figure out what’s causing the issue ?

Just to confirm, you’re trying to scrape data off a LinkedIn profile by feeding through the profile URL to Bardeen ? If this isn’t the case, a quick explanation of what you’re trying to do would help.

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