Scrape thousands of LinkedIn Profiles

Hey guys,

I need to scrape thousands of LinkedIn profiles for my users as an automation. It will be roughly 100+ profiles per week on an ongoing basis and I want to scrape them whenever a new user joined; but I also need to run an initial big scrape.

Is there any best practice how to do that without getting banned by LinkedIn?

I was thinking to log out and then scrape profiles, but I read that they have gotten more restrictive with the information they show.

I need to scrape ideally:

  • Profile picture URL
  • Current Role
  • Current Company
  • Location
  • Introduction

Any tips or best practices? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Tim,

We recommend adding a custom delay of 2-3 seconds to the playbook ( you can set this in the scraper action inside the playbook builder) so it scrapes a little slower. Apart from that, I would recommend not scraping 100 profiles at a time so you don’t get flagged breaking it down into chunks would be better.

If you’re looking for a playbook, this playbook should meet your needs


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Hi @vin_bardeen ,

The playbook is not really working. It only scrapes a few data point of the ones it us supposed to scrape even though it is a standard template.

Whenever I run it, it also shrinks the browser profile and messes up the view while it runs. At the end, only three data points are scraped, and the rest remains empty.

Is there any problem with Chrome or is it just not working in the current setup?


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