Getting flagged by LinkedIn even when scraping very few profiles (<10 per day)

Hi everyone,
I slightly customised the LinkedIn Job and Company scraper to be able to pull in a few more info and I manually trigger the playbook with a right click to pull in company details and some job posts into a Google Sheet.

LinkedIn has blocked my account but I’ve only pulled about 20 company info and a dozen jobs. I’ve read post where folks on here have automated pulling in hundreds if not thousands of rows. What I am missing here please ?

Sorry if this is addressed somewhere already, I couldn’t find it.


Make sure to add delays in order to help avoid getting banned for scraping.

Here’s more information on scraping LinkedIn:

I hope this helps!

Hi Jess thanks.

Inread this post but it doesn’t explain much and lidtening to the video it only says no to scrap more than a couple hundreds a day which I’m way below!

But I’ll try as you say adding delays. How much delays I should add and what does it do exactly ?


It’s always best practices to use delays when scraping as it helps avoid being detected as a bot from the website you are scraping from.

Just add one of like 3 seconds to your scraper action in the builder.

It means with delays, if you weren’t using delays, this is probably why you’re getting detected after 20 job scrapes and blocked.

Thanks I’ll try that!

Welcome to the community Sebastian.

Jess is totally right , custom delays help with allowing the page to load but also with scraping a little slower so you reduce the risk of getting flagged for scraping.

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