LinkedIn restricting my profile for using scraper

Hi everyone.

I am using a playbook to run through a list of people’s profiles in the LinkedIn search results, and copy some of their info to a Google Sheet.

However, I got a notification from LinkedIn that said my account is under suspicion for using automating tools, and that any further usage may result in my account being suspended.

Is there anyway to change my playbook to bypass this or is there anything else I could do to prevent this?



We usually recommend adding a delay to your scraper of 3 to 5 seconds and not scraping large amounts of results in one go. This doesn’t bypass Linkedin’s flagging system but it does reduce the risk of getting flagged.

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You cannot prevent this as @vin_bardeen mentioned you can add delay but that does not mean you wont get flagged. Scraping LinkedIn is against there ToS if I remember correctly.

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