Struggling to get a google jobs scraper working

For the life of me I can’t seem to get even the most basic scraper working even though I’ve watched the instructional videos.

Can someone help me figure out why this isn’t working? I just want a list of various types of data about a google jobs search. Thank you so much, I’m tearing my hair out lol

Hi Scout,

Thanks for reaching out. To help us troubleshoot this issue for you, could you provide the following details:

  1. What exact data are you trying to scrape.
  2. The links you are trying to scrape.
  3. If applicable, Google Sheet with edit access
  4. If applicable, any error messages you are encountering


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  1. I’m looking for company name, position title, location, link to application, open and/or publish date.
  2. Looking to scrape this google search
  3. Here is the sheet
  4. I’m just getting an error that it either isn’t collecting anything or that my scraper is meant to scrape this link but this was the same scraper I had Bardeen’s AI create so Im not sure what isn’t working.

Thank you for the help!

Hi There!

Thanks so much for reaching out with this issue. I understand Bardeen can have a learning curve for our new users and am happy to support you in learning how to use our tool. Below, I’ve attached a playbook which should achieve this task which you’re looking for and also a video demonstration explaining how to use the playbook. I’d encourage you to play around with it as much as possible to learn how to make something similar in the future. Hope this helps!

Video Demo:


Customer Support -
Explore | @bardeenai | Bardeen Community