No tasks retrieved from ClickUp List (and Usability Issues)

Hi @marylene - sometimes it takes Bardeen a minute or two to register the data after connecting to an app. I would try reinstalling the extension and see if that does the trick. I hope this helps!

I’ve just reinstalled it as per your suggestion, but still no success, I get an error message for API not being able to connect with Clickup, which I sent to Bardeen. I’m wasting all my trial days and so much time just to connect my apps, it’s annoying, especially for an app that is suppose to help save time lol

I’m sorry for your experience. It is frustrating. Bardeen will likely provide you with more trial days though!

When trying to connect, make sure you’re using the Chrome browser. Bardeen works best on Chrome. I hope this helps!

I’m still unable to use Bardeen for my list… It’s bizarre because it does see my clickup team members and myself so clickup is truly connected, but any automation that requires me to choose a list shows no results. I really wanted to use this tool, but it’s so frustrating, I don’t think I’ll even bother finishing the trial and certainly not paying for a pro account. No support team has reached out to me since I reported the bug

Hi @marylene - I’m tagging @ivan for further assistance and addressing your frustrations. I’m confident you’re in good hands and everything will be sorted soon!

I don’t have Clickup so I’m unable to test on my end for you at this time.

Hey @marylene

Sorry about the delay, should’ve spotted this beforehand.

When sharing bugs and issues, I recommend you to use the :lady_beetle: Report an issue channel. Here’s a small guide.

Your issue seems to be the same as this bug report:

I’ve raised awareness of this to our team and hope it can be approached on the next releases. It’s on our engineer’s pipeline for fixing!

I’ll merge the 2 posts.

Hey folks,

Wanted to say hi and personally apologize about this. We are in the process of revamping a some of our integrations and fixing a bunch of issues. ClickUp is one of the next ones in line. We will definitely get to it and will have all the issues fixed soon. Please stay tuned and thank you very much for your patience :pray:.


Hello @Artem_from_Bardeen , @ivan !

Hope you are doing great. I just wanted to follow up on Artem’s last message regarding the ClickUp issues. Is there any approximate time frame when the update can be expected?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi @Marko

We have run updates on our Clickup integration and it’s on the review process.

You can test updating Bardeen to the latest version on the next week.

CC: @govert

Hi @ivan

Thank you for the heads up. Will be looking forward to testing everything out in the update. Really appreciate the feedback and have a great rest of the day!

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Greetings Ivan, @Artem_from_Bardeen !

I am reaching out once again regarding the issue with Clickup

I have tried every method possible to find a way to fix the bug by reinstalling Bardeen, reconnecting Clickup. And also tried to purchase a premium subscription since I supposed that the first time I was connecting Bardeen to Clickup it was free, therefore I assumed since that integration part is now a paid option and at first I created it when Bardeen was completely free this will work. However, no luck at all.

I am attaching a small Loom video I recorded for you to better understand the issue. As mentioned before, Bardeen is connected to the proper workspace in Clickup, the subscription has been paid and the issue is yet to be in the past.

Please take a look at the video and I will be waiting for any updates from your side as soon as possible.

Best regards,

I have the same exact issue

HI @marylene @Marko @amro.khir

We have released new updates on Clickup which are available on Bardeen’s latest version.

Are you in 2.37.1?

Please update Bardeen this way
Updating bardeen

For context, we recenly re-updated the Clickup integration.

This would help solve pending issues like this one.

Yet I’m very ashamed because I just checked on my updated account, and seems like the bug is still there :frowning:

I wasn’t able to find my own lists inside Clickup


I’ll push with our team so we can check and prioritize this bug fix.

Hi Ivan, I’m updated to the latest version and I still can’t retrieve my Clickup lists, but at least it now pick up on assignees. I’m a free user if that makes a difference. I was never able to test anything during my free trial because none of my scenarios were working with Clickup (it’s my main use case to want to use Bardeen) so I never upgraded pro.

Thank you for the heads up Ivan!

I had the latest version, checked everything prior to writing here. Indeed it is a shame that the bug is still there :pensive:.

Is there any possibility from your and yours team side to provide an approximate timeframe when this could be resolved?

Hey @ivan!

I am back with some updates. Previous automations that were working stopped to do so now.

I am kindly asking for any updates when the issue described previously and the issue that appeared now will be fixed.

Looking forward to hearing from you or your team

Hey guys, sharing my latest attempt, transparently, I still have the issue :cry:

I’m sorry this has been a terrible experience.

I’m following up on this and want to personally help you set up your automations once this integration is fixed.

Thank you for the heads up!

Will be looking forward to receiving any updates.

Hi @Marko @marylene

I got the news that our latest release (on Friday) included these fixes for Clickup.

Clickup integration should be fixed and stable.

You can update Bardeen and try again anytime!

Tagging @govert to stay on the loop :eye: