Adding Bardeen Scraped Data into ClickUp Custom Fields


I’d like to see a feature which allows us to Add Bardeen Scraped Data into ClickUp Custom Fields.
It would work similarly to how Bardeen Sends data to Google Sheets, in dedicated columns that we can choose on the builder.

For example :

Let’s say I scrape a Business Name, Location and Phone number from Google Maps.
There would be 3 columns filled on Bardeen Scraper Builder.
Now, for each data type, I create 1 custom field on ClickUp,
So on ClickUp there would also be “Business Name”, “Location”, and “Phone Number” Custom fields.

And now we can run the Scraper and it will successfully enterthe data into ClickUp Custom Fields, which would be amazing because you’d get a complete List of Leads with all of their relevant info (provided you add relevant custom fields)

Hope we can see this feature soon !

Hey @quentools!

Thanks for sharing your idea!

I completely understand the value of being able to add Bardeen scraped data into ClickUp custom fields. It would definitely make the process more seamless and efficient.

Having columns in the Builder that can be field mapped with ClickUp fields is a great suggestion.

I’ll make sure to pass the idea along to our team.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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Hi Ivan, I noticed on the prebuilt Google Maps scraper template by Bardeen, phone number isn’t included. I’m unable to manually map phone numbers as part of the template because it doesn’t get recognized. Could phone number be added to the template?

Hi Acyliao

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll update the scraper so it also includes this field.

We’re doing a bardeen scraping event this week so you learn how to refine and improve scrapers yourself too :slight_smile: