Oct 6 - 🏋️‍♂️ Bardeen Workout! Mastering Bardeen’s Scraping - Class 2: The Overview

Deep dive into advanced scraping!

:weight_lifting_man: Bardeen Workout: Mastering Bardeen’s Scraping - Class 2: Deep dive.

:spiral_calendar: 2023-10-06T15:00:00Z - RSVP Here.

Unlock the Power of Web Scraping: Masterclass 2 - Deep Diving into Scraping!

:spiral_calendar: Date: Thursday, October 5th

:clock10: Time: 11:00 AM (EST Time) | 8 AM PST | 5 PM CET

Ready to take your automation skills to the next level?

Join our Bardeen Masterclass and dive deep into the world of web scraping alongside our experts, Manvel Saroyan (@manvel) and Danil Melkozerov (@danmelk), Bardeen’s scraper experts.

:warning: This is not a begginers class, we WILL get into the scraper’s technicalities.

In this second class, we’ll make a deep dive into Bardeen’s scraping practices. Here’s what you’ll learn:

:screwdriver: LIVE Scraping Examples: We’ll provide live demonstrations of how you can scrape complex websites like LinkedIn or Google Maps in a scalable and reliable way.

:scroll: Mastering List Scraping: Learn the art of efficiently scraping lists of data from websites.

:ocean: Deep Scraping Techniques: Dive into deep scraping and discover how to extract data from multiple pages in the background.

:star2: Utilizing XPath: Explore how to use XPath for precise and advanced web scraping.

Ready to join us on this masterclass? This workshop is perfect for:

  • Bardeen users looking to improve their skills.
  • No-coders looking to enter the scraping space.
  • Scraper experts who want to learn how to do it without code.
  • Automation enthusiasts ready to boost their capabilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master web scraping with Bardeen. Let’s unlock the world of data together!

:ticket: RSVP for the upcoming class 2: Scraping Masterclass 2:

We look forward to diving deep into web scraping with you!

We have LIMITED SPOTS! It’s a masterclass so we’re limiting the spots and keeping a smaller group.

Hurry up before someone takes yours! Takes 1 minute:

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Thanks so much for the participants of the event!

@manvel’s guided us though a masterclass on scraping.

Event slides


We’ll also upload the recording to our Youtube channel soon :slight_smile:

:video_camera: Recording now live on our Youtube Channel: